How to Learn?

Learning a new software language is challenging, especially if you do not have prior experience. To make efficient progress, you need to follow a roadmap that suits your target.

Below you may find some valuable roadmaps I follow in learning SwiftUI. I hope it helps.

Things to consider during the learning period

  • Find a use case.

  • To decide on a tutorial, make a detailed search considering comments.

  • Since most of the tutorials are in English, be comfortable with it.

  • Stick on a Tutorial, do not fall on Tutorial Hell.

  • It will be helpful to find a body.

  • Do not rely on your memory. Take detailed notes both on tutorial code space and in your notebook.

  • Make some adjustments to tutorials.

  • Some big projects have Discord channels to follow.

How long will it take?

It depends on the;

  • Prior coding experience,

  • Your background (CS Degree, etc.),

  • Hours you are willing to allocate,

  • How systematically do you learn,

  • Whether you attend a Bootcamp,

So no one can guess such a duration. And no need to.

It always will take more than you think. Never be discouraged.

Dunning-Kruger Effect

Daily Checklist

Articles (a-z)

Documentation (a-z)

E-Learning Sites (a-z)

Examples (a-z)

Forums (a-z)

Knowledge Test Sites (a-z)

Twitter Accounts (a-z)

Youtube Channels (a-z)

Discord Channels (a-z)

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  2. Kodeco


Slack Channels (a-z)

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